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Sat Nam...having read your words just now, the first I felt to give you is a divine hug in the sense of you are always being in Company of God or WaheGuru. So, This challenge seems to me is a big Chance to conquer the mind, finding the Soul which is one's own light... You know I don't Need to know you, what I do know is that in the essence we all are one. Have you already read "Anand Sahib" in ambrosial hour, do you have experience with SGGS? Answer the question to your ownself....You want a Change to lightful times and development to see the light again, don't you,.. what do you feel about doing a first step into the commitment of giving your pain for you Mom the Chance to breath to this experience in Patience... In case that you understand German, there's a great book from Satya Singh which is called "Das Yogabuch vom Leben und vom Sterben" available through the Internet...very much recommanded..if you dont understand German check out with Satya Singh if there is a English Version...

I hope that my words are inspiring to you forthcoming actions ...I am sending you my thoughts of divine love and to infinity...