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waheguru g ka khalsa waheguru g ki fateh.. i just want to say you that now i am a amritdari.. and i cut my breed almost two years.. i am also ready to cut all my hairs.. then guru"s kirpa came on me.. i am also frausted like you even more than you.. today i am proud to be a sikh.. its not important how many girlfrnd you have more i mportant is that anyone is loyal with you.. these all are stupid things.. which we have crase for short time.. but our guru,, i have no words.. you will see if u follow guru"s path your luck will follow you.. and i am the victim of this.. jis rakhe saia use mar ske na koi.. i will not stop u go ahead.. but make one thing in your mind.. without him we are nothing.. we rae just zerooooooooo.. rab rakha..