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Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh!

This point in a marriage can be a rough spot. The only way through is to remain calm and talk to your husband without being upset with him. Don't do this when you are feeling emotional. Don't be accusatory. Just be mutual and inquiring. Don't cry or whine or complain. Just give him an opportunity to open up to you. If he is having a secret relationship, it will make him feel split - sneaky and guilty. You don't need to do that. He is already doing it to himself. If he is not have a relationship, then Waheguru! Use your intuition, I'm sure you can tell if he is lying.

I am sure he loves you and the kids. If he aknowledges a problem in your marriage, then you both matha tek and receive Guru Ji's hukam together and then discuss it together until understanding emerges. Marriages require work. Marriage is the mortar and pestle in which you both place your karmas and grind them up. It is painful sometimes.