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Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh

First of all this is against sikhi to match horoscope and go to pandit. Does pandit know his future what is going to happen with him?

Second, Can you please write the lines of hukamnama which you think not good with page number.

A true Gursikh boy should stand for you and convince their parents as per Gurbani teachings the right thing. If not, then both of you start reading 1 page of SGGS daily with meaning and analyze your life for improvement at least 90 days with nitnem (SGGS apps are available, Android app Gurbani Ujagar has Prof. Sahib Singh Teka).

Ardas is for blessing not for magic. Try your best to convince his parents, If waheguru approves your relation you will get result within 90 days otherwise accept his hukkum.

A person, who reads and implement gurbani with love and devotion in his life and convince his mind as per gurbani teaching and clear all his doubts, that person get power of love which can change whole world.

God bless you.