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What happens if you just say you are going forward with the wedding regardless? I know it will be the harder path but maybe then people will get on board. The problem is you guys are in love and are already kind of husband-wife to each other and if you are forced to be apart i don't think that makes sense. Are his parents of the type that they would make him choose (family vs. you) or do you think they'd be willing to change their mind. I agree in Sikhi we don't believe in horoscopes, etc. and i wouldn't believe the pandits if i was you. He's already been part of your life for most of your life. You could sit down and tell them that since you are in such a committed relationship it doesn't make sense you wouldn't be married to each other (try to convince them) but i suspect that won't work; same with convincing them horoscopes etc. aren't to be believed. People who are opinionated tend to stick to that. So i guess your options are try to convince them; do it anyways; break up. You could try to convince them then move forward with the wedding and hope his family gets on board. Maybe some other people will have other ideas but i can't think of any other options you have at this point.