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You're absolutely correct Bhai Sahib. There wasn't a day that went by when I didn't feel odd at my school. Even though I felt odd and different from the rest, I did not let my differences affect my relationship with the Guru. I had a few friends, but most of everyone else ignored me. There were also people that gossiped behind my back about how I was probably related to terrorists and how ugly or "manly" I looked since I didn't remove my small facial hairs. Although, there were others that showed me respect whenever I did well on a test or got some award. For my Senior speech, I brought my vaaja (harmonium) to class, and I introduced my English class to the poetic verses of Kirtan. The class was amazed at how well I sang, and they even requested me to perform a Shabad. So, I was verbally harassed for some time. I even considered leaving the school, but I didn't. Both Sikh men and women are harassed for wearing their turbans, especially Sikh women, since there so few women that are willing to tie a dastaar. After I took amrit, I did not begin to tie a dastaar right away. For about three years I wore a patka over my bun like some bibiaa do at the gurudwara. During my senior year in high school, I was finally able to muster up the courage to don the crown, my dastaar. I paced myself through my journey as a Sikh. I took things slowly, and veer ji you just need to relax and take your own steps toward Waheguru slowly. The first step to take is to keep your hair. You don't need to make too many commitments with yourself all at once. When you are ready to progress forwards, He will show you the way. May you walk without fear as a brave sant-sipahi. -Sincerely Your Sikh Sister:)