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When I first became a Sikh some 2 years ago I actually found this post and started making a plan (according to this) about how to recite 3,600,000 Mul Mantars in under one year (so I could be jivan mukt). Thankfully though, the Guru was merciful and saved me from doing such foolish things.

In the Arril of Benti Chaupai, Guru Gobind Singh says "The suffering, pain and fear of the person will depart who recite Chaupai even once", which means that reciting gurbani even once with full attention and purely with heart one can be absolved of sin and merge with Vaheguru. Guru Nanak says in the 14th pauri of Japji Sahib, "The faithful do not follow empty religious rituals. The faithful are firmly bound to the dharam". We can relate this to ritualistic recitation of gurbani, and how many people speak with their tongues and not their hearts. Today, many people also pay money to granthis to do akhand paaths that they do not even stay for, thinking the akhand path will magically bless them (though not being present in the gurudwara). The blessing an akhand path (and in mul mantar jap) is in the concentrated listening and speaking it itself.

I'm not a gursikh so I don't know if I thoroughly can rightly interpret Guru Amardas' bachan that you stated, but the fact is that at spots such as Goindwal Sahib and the Golden Temple etc., one is immersed in divine love, and any gurbani spoken will be said whole-heartedly. To say 84 Japjis is also an immense task to do in one sitting, and anyone who does such bhakti is sure to be true to the guru. Forgive me sangat if this is not a sufficient answer.

So yes, do try to do 3,600,000+ mul mantars as you wish, and feel the immense blessings of it, but if you forget god whilst doing so, remember you have not truly said even one mul mantar.

Dust of your feet brother,