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The key to your question lies in the last line. You say: " long as i don't get what i want i don't find peace."

That's the problem. Each time you get something you want, your mind is temporarily happy, but then it begins thinking about the next thing you want. There's always "the next thing." It will never end. That's because the deep peace and joy you really want can never come through getting things. The desire just goes on endlessly... wish... fulfillment... next wish... fulfillment, next wish, etc., and you are never satisfied.

There are ONLY two ways to live your life. Either you hustle and hassle to get the things (or people, or job, or... whatever) you want, OR you make yourself so calm, radiant, courageous and beautiful that God will love to come and sit in your lap.

When you live the second way, then all your desires are pre-fulfilled. Everything you need is at hand at the moment you need it, and your life becomes a constant state of gratitude rather than a constant state of wanting.

That is the only lasting peace and happiness.