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answered 2016-03-27 07:41:00 -0600

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Your story is literally like mine. Where i also transferred in my second year.

Ok you have not to much to be scared about you are only in second year. And med school at western university looks at 2 best years hence ur third and fourth year you have to kill it. also western university even considers a fifth or special. If not that you can get a masters in biology and then apply.

I know that this is hard for u but girl you are only beginning your life. Just becaus u never struggled in school doesn't mean you will never struggle ever.

You are obviously a smart girl just remove yourself of that and kill it in your third abd fourth year. you have to believe in your self.

When you study just study dont think about the outcome. Yes u need 90s but not evey place. You can go to states med school its not the end of the world. i know how painful this stuff can be. But negativity doesn't help.

You need a game plan

This summer you should start working out Start doing path and listening to bani if you dont do that already. Benti chaupai is the smallest one for beginners.

And keep reminding yourself how you are capable.

And kill it in your third abd fourth year, because i know you can.

I know people who are in 30s and just graduated with undergrad. your position is a lot more favourable girl.

Be positive and you will be a doctor! !