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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Sorat'h, Fifth Mehl:

We are filthy, and You are immaculate, O Creator Lord; we are worthless, and You are the Great Giver.

We are fools, and You are wise and all-knowing. You are the knower of all things. ||1||

O Lord, this is what we are, and this is what You are.

We are sinners, and You are the Destroyer of sins. Your abode is so beautiful, O Lord and Master. ||Pause||

You fashion all, and having fashioned them, You bless them. You bestow upon them soul, body and the breath of life.

We are worthless - we have no virtue at all; please, bless us with Your gift, O Merciful Lord and Master. ||2||

You do good for us, but we do not see it as good; You are kind and compassionate, forever and ever.

You are the Giver of peace, the Primal Lord, the Architect of Destiny; please, save us, Your children! ||3||

You are the treasure, eternal Lord King; all beings and creatures beg of You.

Says Nanak, such is our condition; please, Lord, keep us on the Path of the Saints. ||4||6||17||

Link to Shabad

Your not the only Sikh that does this, me and many others are stuck in the same problem. I will post some links with advice below. But don't waste time in guilt, just have faith and deep on trying.

You can get advice for females on the above forums as well, as highlighted in the last link females have the same problem.

It going to be a tough battle, but remember a Khalsa fights the battle everyday. Do Ardaas and carry on.

Sat Sri Akaal