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Just serve everyone with a smile. Open your heart. Every person has their own relationship with their Guru. Either the Guru has chosen that person as his Sikh or not. It is between Guru Ji and that person. We cannot judge that relationship. Sometimes someone has to lose something in order to understand the real importance of it. We cannot know that. It all happens in His hukam. When we are real, direct and authentic with everyone; when we serve everyone regardless of their appearance or attitude, then, and only then, can we touch people's hearts. Transformation happens when the heart is open.

Now lets talk about anger. When you feel angry it is in you. It is your anger. It is not about the object of your anger. It is about you and how you choose to react to others. So I invite you to choose NOT to react. Take that hot energy of your anger about what you feel someone SHOULD do, and use. Direct it. Use that energy to serve others. To touch their hearts with a smile instead of a scowl. A kind word instead of a rebuke.

It is your choice. It is up to you. Everyone is going to do what they must do. You cannot change them. But remember... your presence, your courage and your kindness can elevate any situation.