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I know you said that he respected you a lot, but he doesn’t respect you. He doesn’t respect you because he didn’t tell you he was married, he doesn’t respect you because he had sex with you and got you pregnant before you were married, and he isn’t respecting his wife or his children. I don’t even know if he was honest enough to tell you himself it was married, from what you wrote it sounds like you found out yourself. Regardless, even though you didn’t know at the beginning of the relationship, you know now. Your conscience is telling you what to do- you know what is the right thing here. None of his actions have represented what a Sikh should be doing- you can do better. You deserve better, and you need to believe that. He wants to be with you for the rest of his life all the while still being married to his wife?!! That sounds terrible. You don’t deserve that. SHE doesn’t deserve that. Their kids don't deserve that. I know its really hard to see this because there is so much emotion involved and the logical side of your brain has shut down, but the answer here is simple. His response that he can’t hurt his wife is ridiculous because he is hurting her constantly by being with you. He is lying to her constantly. He has roped you in with the illusion of respect and love. You have the power to say no, I don’t need a man who doesn’t act like a Singh at all, who lied to me and is cheating on his wife, and who doesn’t respect me. You have the power to say, I deserve respect. I deserve someone willing to commit to me. You are not worthless, you are daughter of God, you have an amazing soul within you. Do ardaas and go and tell him you deserve better- he knew what he was doing when he got in a relationship with you. God will help you do that. Its going to take some time to heal. Underneath all the dirt he threw on you, you are gold. The feelings of worthlessness come from being dependent on him. If you look at this carefully in retrospect you may even see the ways that he tried to make you feel like you need him and are nothing without him. Until you are happy with yourself the way you are, you are always going to look to someone else to complete you. I know you don’t want to hear it but this is lust, not love and you need to treat it as such. Its important to cut off all contact if possible (I know he works with you) after you break up with him- no texting or staying friends because he will try to lure you into this trap again. May you have the strength to do right here and cut this relationship off.