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Now, that's the typical Indian Punjabi Sikh question. Theoretically, Sikhism bashes caste-ism but practically most of the Punjabi speaking Sikhs follow caste-ism.

If you pick up Indian newspapers, the matrimonial advertisements of the Sikh community as well as online matrimonial ads. of Sikhs are divided into various castes. Apart from this even Gurdwaras are divided into caste based Gurdwaras e.g Ramgarhia Gurdwaras, Namdhari Gurdwaras, etc, etc.

Inside these Gurdwaras, Punjabi Sikhs keep shouting Sikhs are Great, Sikhism is Great........We are the Sons and Daughters of the Gurus but in practice they follow the double standards and hypocrisy.

Indian Punjabi Sikhs proudly display their surnames, Dhallas, Dhillons, Randhawas, Grewals, Gills, SherGills........the list is endless.