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I believe Guruka Singh told me personally about 2 diffrent kind of pains.

One of following the path of Dharma and other one is doing whatever end up in a Karma or a karmic life.

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The idea on doing sadhana is in "program language" to reprogram yourself. Reprogramming by yourself in the vast oceans of alot of codes that needs to be read and reprogramed takes alot of time and effort. Using this explanation the Guru tells us that during amrit vela between 04:00-07:00, 4 to 7 AM is the best time to do that, to do your Sadhana. Reprogramming yourself is painful. You chisel and you cut away the dark and useless codes in your program. In literature this very painful process called "vulturing". And it also says that it is like a thorny bush. The more you go in to the bush of thorns, the more painful it will be and the thorns will pierce you harder. But after awhile the thorny bush will let go and you will see and experiance things diffrently.

In my experiance, I did experience this in august last year with help, altough only for a couple of minutes. In the beginning, there were pain I didn't know I had in my body and I couldn't breathe. Pain was aching everywhere in my body. With help of my mentor I went on. The pain become more and more, but I kept going. The reason was because according to the theory and talking to other people I know that I have to keep going. Then at one time I went through the thorny bush. And then I can not describe my experiance.

I've knew the theory, but i didn't know the practice until then. That is why it is important to not only know the theory but also experiance it. But not reprograming yourself and you say "whatever", whatever will happen to you. Now in my experiance I personally think that karmic path is so painful that you just want to stop learning new stuff and just want to let go of the pain. And following dharmic path is painful.

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Good luck /Cloud