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also we fail to realize (including me) that life in itself is a gift. your body (this wonderful machine is running on its own) these autonomic processes that are simply just happening! without ur conscious awareness we don't even have too much control over things that happen even... in our life all we can do is build a close relationship with waheguru through guru's teaching and follow that. it talks about that state in japji sahib even (that state in which one actually believes in god can't be described, you can't describe it on a paper with a pen).. this state is this wonderful relationship that you can have with god. this type of relationship in which you start viewing everything as one. and you don't get affected by negativity, when you don't get affected by negativity, then your path is clear!

if u forget a mannat, i feel that your own conscious bothers you, and bad stuff happens from your own thoughts (thinking negatively).. guru nanak ji said in asa di var, if one accepts the concept of impurity they see impurity everywhere. it can be linked to this situation too. if you think something bad happened because you didn't fulfill a mannat, then you dug yourself into negativity. so if the conscious is at work, why not focus the consciousness to god (all the time) instead of bad things. if you do that you are not gonna have anything bad happen. even if it does, with guru's blessing you can get out of it, because your consciousness is not stained with impurity. the purpose of bani is to wash away the dirt of the inside.

your question can be tackled at different angles. (: sorry guys if I said something that was incorrect (still learning and forever a learner) :)