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With my limited and little intellect I would like to answer this question

Being a Bhram-Gyani, is like experiencing ultimate bliss, pleasure & satisfaction from the inside, which is why, those who have found God in their hearts would not disclose this to anyone that easily, And those who have not, in other words, those who pretend being Bhram-Gyani will keep on telling this (lie) to every one that they have discovered true God.

But the matter of fact is when one is true with God, only then by the grace of God himself one is able to realize and recognize this Bhram-Gyan epiphany and have the elevated fortune to revel in the company of truly genuine Bhram-Gyani Souls.

Please forgive me if you find anything wrong or misleading.


WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe-Guru Ji Ki Fateh