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ssa ji ,, please move out of that house. doesn;t matter what people say , dont care about that. those people are not around you when you sit and cry in a corner. trust me there are challanges. in life. and you will have to go through. my ex was alcohlic and i have been raising two kids since almost 6 yrs now without any fincally support. I put up with my ex for many yrs just thinking what people will say. but the truth is people dont say anything good when you are doing everything good i mean handling things by ourselves. so please get out from there. and start a new life. I wish if you were here in my city i could have definatlly help you. but still i will give my work email [email protected] if you feel comfortable to discuss. further. please forgive for my spellings. writing in rush .

waheguru ji ka khalsa whaeguru ji ki fathae