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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Sunita Singh Ji. A Sikh should remain a firm Sikh following what are Gurus have taught us, the same goes for Muslims and Christians.

We do believe that every person in this world has a chance to meet Waheguru regardless of their faith, we can see this in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Mahraj were it contains bani from Bhagat Naam Dev Ji, Bhagat Shaek Freed Ji, Bhagat Kabeer Ji and many more.

But certain religions vary in the amount of truth, and we believe that Guru Nanak was sent with the complete truth.

The point of reading 5 banis everyday is ideal as we gain so much knowledge and we get remained of very important things. For example

Japji Sahib - Gives us so much knowledge it's like a summary of Satgur Ji

Jaap Sahib - Reminds of the quality of Waheguru

Tav prasad savaiye - Helps us escape from this illusion and rituals

Chaupai Sahib - Is a benti to Waheguru reminding us that we are nothing and we need Waheguru as our strength

Anand Sahib - Brings us Anand/peace and tells us so much about our path and what we need to do.

The more we follow Guru Ji, the closer we get to Waheguru.

Other religions talk about the importance of long hair, but Waheguru Ji kirpa we've been told about it. Many Hindu Gods have long such as Shiv Ji.

As Sikhs we should remain strong Sikhs follow everything Guru Ji says, but we should encourage other people from other religions to remain firm in theirs.

Guru Ji says the highest religion is chanting Wahegurus name.

Check this great answer by anon

Please forgive me if i said anything wrong or offensive.

Sat Sri Akaal