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Dearest Sikhs, Wjkkwjkf, I myself have been cutting my hair for the past 40 years of my life and have been leading a normal manmukh life What seems like forever now. Hv done and tried almost everything. But since I turned 41 this past June, I hv abstained from cutting hair, drinking alcohol and have tried to wake up early to go to Gurdwara at least 3-4 I es a week. The process of letting my hair grow isn't easy since its a big change for me and everyone else around me as well. My head looks big and my hair looks huge. Hahaha.. Anyways, I am going to stick to it with WaheGuruJee 's blessings.. But there's not a single day that I don't think whether this is so important? If GOD is one, then he would love and accept a Christian or Hindu for whom it's very normal to cut hair as much as He will accept me. As long as our hearts are pure and all we desire is HIM. My Christian and Hindu friends can achieve nirvana ( or oneness with GOD) as well and they would never have to question the length of their hairs.. Neither do we Sikhs have to recite 5 prayers everyday as our Muslim friends to be with GOD. Shouldn't achieving oneness with GOD be universal for each and every human regardless of relegion, and rules.. Etc.. Still confused but keeping hair anyways :-)