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hey there i can understand you, i have also done something in my past which might be bad for someone and nothing for other....but the main thing is i never wanted it in my past, i never wanted it to be with me...but dear you gotta understand we all make mistakes, i also can't accpet what i have done..the person i wanted to be forever but what i have become now, i am still a girl with good values but somewhere we fail, sometimes it is our bad karma that we act as fools and are left with one is without regret we all make different kind of mistakes and feel bad. but you have to understand that we are human beings and we make mistakes. you were deceived , you never wanted to get physical with anyone before marriage maybe, but because you loved that guy so he took advantage of your love, this is where we girls are wrong, if we don't want to do it we should never, if the guy wants to leave because we don't want to do it, we should tell them leave right now instead of tomorrow. but what i wanna tell you is that i have been where you have been , but i have now taught myself that i am a human being and I can make mistakes and learn. Bhai Joga Singh Ji such a huge Sikh warrior were also about to go the wrong way in life, idk whether you know that Sikh story, but if such a religious Sikh warrior can fall in life why can't we?? Guru Gobind Singh Ji had to guard him otherwise they were gonna commit a huge mistake. So relax dear, I am another example who couldn't accept herself but now i have. I can't change the past but can pray for a better future. what are your worries about??? is there something related to the present and future that you are concerned about?? Tc