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Salok, First Guru:

Suffering is the medicine, and pleasure the disease, because where there is pleasure, there is no desire for God.

Meditate on Naam and understand the innate nature. the cure is naam not a shopping list of your desires. Pain has been that medicine that has got you this far, but you have begun to fall into the deep shadow of ego and questioning the hukham of waheguru.

Dukh bhanjan tero naam ji" the ailment to pains is the naam

Sri harkrishan diyayae jis dithe sab dukh jaiye remembering the guru (harkrishan sahib ji) all pains vanish

Your ego has blinded you. Pray through the ardass not just by muttering what you want and if you dont know learn. Dont recite bani just for the sake of it or thinking that 100 japjis wil get you a boon.

meditate on the lord with full conciousness and love, know what you are praying. seek shelter in the prayers of Benti chaupai and the lines of bani i have provided.

Please email me: [email protected] for more guidence.

Sikhi is a path to be fully practised not just enterd into.