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verily i say this to you that the Guru Is your father And Mata Sahib Kaur is your mother, those who hit and abuse their children cannot be called parents.

Gursikhi doesnot tell us tp worship our parents, but to respect them for what they are, but if they manipulate and disrespect the child why should the child at the age of 30 be respectfull back?

The guru would have no problem with you leaving a difunctional home.

Just so you know the Guru is on your side you even have gurmat sangat that are on your side, anyone who is not only sees the wealth of your parents and nothing else. Truley your parents should be shamed of themselfes treating others in the way they have, they should fear Akal purakh and the acount that wll be read by dharam raj.

Parents are not gods they are human and if they them selfes have failed and turn to abuse to release stress or bullying to asimilate authority it trley is sad and sick therefore you have done the best for you and your own family to be happy.

carry on and do not give an inch. dealth into gurbani and find peace make sure you go to the gym to release stress or do some sort of exercsie instead of eating to realive stress, so that you can be healthy for your family.