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Hi thank you for this question first and foremost, you have to wake up at amritvela (morning , when no body is awake) cannot emphasize this enough. because it is the only time you will be least distracted. you have to take a shower (preferably cold)

you want to sit cross legged and comfortably so that you can breathe ever so effortlessly. do simran before doing bani, do it say waheguru, waheguru, waheguru, for as long as you need to (you will know when your breathing calms down)

after that begin doing your bani, (chose any, I personally really am enjoying asa di war, i used to do sukhmani sahib) but the guru granth sahib is a treasure of knowledge (soak up!!) when reading bani, don't read really fast, read slow and hear yourself, contemplate what is being said as you read. (because the more you focus the less your mind will wander) so make an effort to focus

  • then do an ardaas (online found literally everywhere) + when you are about to make your personal prayer just take a deep breath, and ask for a close relationship to god. after ardaas, you bow your head to the guru.

repeat this, no matter what. there will be a time when you start finding bani sweet (naam prabho ka laaga meetha) that my friend is the best feeling ever.