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The best way to tackle this is to relate to her that in sikhi there is only one god, not a monotheistic narrow perspective but a panentheistic view in sikhi we belive that the universe is contained within god. But all other faiths view that god is contained within the universe and foreighn to it.

in sikhi there is no duality and for this reason there is no devil (the fallen angel she refers to) there is only material illusion which is a mode of creation that we are all part of so that life can be lived but when one indulges on this material called miya, they become lost and spiritually in danger.

Jehovas witness follow there own polluted and changed version of the bible called the NWT or New word translation of the "holy scriptures". i suggest that you dont fall into the trap used by such faiths that inly care to convert people for the sake of numbers and faith that is inspired by lack of knowledge and guilt.

suggest to your freind that if she wishes to study a true version of teh bible that she read teh greek orthodox study bible. but to leave you alone beacuse you are not interested.

sggsj tells us that reading and reading the scholars get no where, and are only befooled futher by their arguments, the mysteries of god are beyond human comprehention.