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Sometimes, you can only be so loving. Some people just do not understand love, logic, or reason. The first time, I suggest finding something to keep them busy and productive. Not TV, but something productive, school work, prayers, chores, sports.... The second time, tell them sternly to please be quiet. Don't yell, mature adults don't yell and get angry, that just adds to the chaos. Be kind and respectful, but strong and serious. The third time, if your parents are okay with it. Give them a little smack. Don't actually hurt them, but just a little tap to embarrass them. Your cousin shouldn't be throwing things either, if he is going to be treated like a person and not a savage, he should behave like a person. Try discussing the behaviour of some younger Sikh heroes with him. Tell him that successful people, who truly serve God, work and study hard. You can also try to bring out his competitive nature. I use to have my younger cousins compete in sports and school work. They all worked way harder and were way nicer to me.