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answered 2015-09-20 17:51:42 -0500

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sigh we have all been there at some point. this is what we get for being attached to another human being. allright, obviously since he has not spoken to you, he does not like you, or is confused. either way cutting yourself, and overthinking, is destroying you. why destroy yourself. who is watching your tears and pain? certainly not that guy.

I personally have been in a same situation too, (same thing guy was 3 years older) and I used to self harm too. ultimately, the key is (the solution to all problems) it seems is that become attached to bani. it takes time, and discipline. but become attached to the name of god and his bani. you will begin to realize the truth on your own. ultimate truth: you were born alone, you will die alone, you will not take these relationships with you. get to know your inner self, fill yourself from within, stop seeking pleasure from outside. please just stop. Be strong emotionally, we are all capable of it, trust me. it takes only one guy, if he is the one, he will come back, if not he won't. meanwhile stop hurting yourself :|, not gonna fix anything. - I pray for you