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answered 2015-09-10 21:54:31 -0600

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Hey well first of all you are not the only one. How i see it the reason you are crying is because you have realized the truth. That you and guru is the only true realationship you will ever have All these expectations that you carry towards others impose a burden on u. you are only realizing the truth. Which is kind of bitter. And btw loneliness is something you should get comfortable with trust me. You will live a more fulfilling life.

Drop your expectations from everybody please and embrace loneliness, not saying be closed up but have a open heart but be content when you are on your own. You are never alone god is with u. just Chant waheguru name. also another reason u could be crying is because you might have underlying fears and anxieties. But try to imitate akal purakh who is nirbhau and nirvair. Bless u, dont give up. Keep meditating. I know ur pain