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We completely misunderstand the word ‘religion.’ It comes from the Latin. ‘ligare’ which means to tie or fasten. It is the same root as the word ligature or ligament. It means to be connected, tied. To most of us a religion is set of beliefs and practices. But just as yoga as described in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is not a set of postures but a state of being – the state of union with the One – so the actual meaning of religion is to experience that state of being connected or tied to the One – to our origin and our Infinity. But the concept of religion has degenerated from the experience of union into a business where middlemen can collect money from people who want to know the truth of their own existence. It is a sham. It is a lie. The entire Piscean Age was built upon this lie: that you are separate from God and that you need someone else to intervene for you with that God who is “up there” so that you can be delivered from sin and redeemed.

There is a big distinction between the experience and the "organized religion."

God told Guru Gobind Singh, 'Go and establish a path of righteousness. Let the human Worship the Undying Being, The Akaal Purkh, not the dying being.' Jesus said not to worship idols yet I have never seen a single church where he is not hanging on the cross outside. Is that not an idol? Moses said to love all and worship one God, yet Jews feel they are the special chosen beings and everybody else is out. The Hindus were told to see God in everything. Their God is in their temple, sleeps at a certain time and gets up at a certain time. Otherwise everything goes berserk. That is the hypocrisy of religion.