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answered 2015-09-04 18:38:10 -0500

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Yeah see this stuff is complicated. It is very rare that both parties dont feel anything(esp if both are young and raging hormones). And if u want to be friends with him you have to be very open about it. Ie make sure parents know he is a friend. Sikhi is about being pargat (open), there is no need for hiding. As long as ur parents know he is a friend does it matter what anyone says. always in life try to please your guru, and not people. if u cant be open about it then there is a chor (thief) in ur heart and it will take u away from god. Because god is true (satguru)

So yeah point is if you are true at heart and see him as a friend only no lust (nothing bad like that) you can be friends. But since its very hard to do as a young person, cutting him off is a logical thing u did. Focus on your relationship to god :))