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lets do some childhood stuff from school. We called it fill in the blanks. Trust me it'll be fun:

1) Gura ek deh bhujaai, sabhnaan jiyaan ka _ data, so mein visar na jaayee. 2) Suraj eko, rut anek, nanak _ ke kete ves. 3) Sabh mein _ , _ hai soye, tiss de chanan sabh mein chanan hoye. 4) Amaan hain, nidhaan hain, anek hain, phir _ hain. 5) Jaat mein , jot mein, akal kalaa bharpoor raheyaa. 6) _ gur, __ dhunn chela.

I feel all of us are saying the same thing, only the way to say it is different. Isn't it. And isn't that vismaad.