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Wkwf . It's been 1.5 months I changed myself into khalsa, I cover my head with scarfs n stalls. Don't you feel different that only you are the one who can be recognised in your class and the first sight after entering the class goes on you. I thing our religion is small people are not aware of our customs it is our duty to tell them about our religion our history every thing in Sikh religion has sth very deep if understood . Guru Gobind Singh ji established Sikhism only to give us different identity , to separate us from the other religions. In short I will don't be shy or feel uncomfortable it's your religion . You know we learn many things from people like Muslims they don't care what other people think but what ever their religion say they do it blindly they where their religious dresses irrespective of the fact how they look , they pray no matter at what place they are I saw in the movie 'my name is khan'' . I just want to say don't care about the people you don't owe them anything what I feel is in their eyes your reputation will be increased as you will be so particular about your religion. Gurfateh