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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

If you are marrying age then you can have a relationship before marriage, but of course there are restrictions on what you can't do in that relationship. I for one wouldn't trust my parents finding me a wife.

Don't get married until your not ready. Your family should be able to understand that you have trust issues, explain to them that you need to know the guy before.

Do Ardaas in front of Guru Ji, tell him to guide you and give you strength to forget what happened to you in the past.

If you don't do Path, then start doing Path, Simran and Sewa. There is many many videos online to help you in Path and Simran try Acapella Jatha on SoundCloud or YouTube.

Also many videos about marriage in English I've linked them below do check them out.

Also interfaith Anand Karaj's many videos on this check these out

There are many online matronal stuff for sikhs:

  • Sikhnet have a matrimonial service
  • Check this one out any questions about marriage you can ask them there as well as here. They can give much much better advice than me.

Also check out these answers for other questions related to marriage on this site, just search marriage at the top. I'll also link some below:

Just ask Guru Ji your his daughter he will resolve your problems. Just listen to Gurbani, contemplate Gurbani and bring Gurbani in your actions, do Sewa and Naam Simran and all your fears and anxieties will go away. I've had physiological issues affecting me before and bringing me dow, but Guru Ji helped me control them.

Please forgive me if i said anything offensive or wrong. Hope you remain in Chardi Kala

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh