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GN did the good job explaining how our Gurus considered and promoted the men and women equality.

Here is one more piece of explanation. I am not sure if you know this or not that old communities were dominated with the believe to consider Husbands as God (thought still prevalent among many communities). Women were and are still expected to serve their husbands lords. Women were and to some extent are still considered inferior to men. Gurbani says that there is only God, if you say Husbands are God then we have only one husband that is God. and we should serve our God the way community expected wives to serve their husbands. If we consider he (man) superior to she (woman), Gurbani tells us that then God is the he because God is the only one superior. Gurbani explains the same thing in many different ways. This is just a way of Gurbani to explain us about the truth and to help us clear our misconceptions.

The more we discuss Gurbani, more we understand it.