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Thank you for your courage and honesty in asking this question. Actually, this is not a question about Sikh lifestyle because a core part of living as a Sikh is monogamy and not having sex outside of marriage.

I can not speak of Sikh men in general, although I am one. Everyone is different. Cheating has nothing to do with Sikhi. It has to do with the man (who is an individual.)

Your question is a more general one. Men who seek relationships outside marriage have something wrong with the marriage. Instead of facing the problem (which requires honesty, vulnerability and a willingness to compromise) he has chosen to find satisfaction elsewhere. A man who is truly of high calibre will not do that. He will do what it takes to fix the marriage.

Now for you... the heavy karma of wrecking someone else's home is something you do not want to bear. It is not a small thing. It is a very, very heavy thing. Remember, the underlying problem is him. You are satisfying yourself and serving his needs. At what cost? If not you, then he would do it with someone else. Until he faces the root cause of the problem, his behavior will repeat.

You can indulge yourself or not, but don't bring Sikhi into it. It's not about that.