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Manpreet ji , I really appreciate the way you asked the question , because the respect for religious sentiments is important , otherwise there is no difference in jahangir and us. As written by Ravinder Singh Veerji it is very clear in Dasam Granth about Nehkalank Kal Kalki Avtar, which indicates that God will come on Earth to end up Kalyug and Start Satyug . This community you are talking about is follower of Nehkalank Kal Kalki Avtar, who are blessed by God with total 24 Dharam Granths. This community does not follow any deh dhari guru, we believe Shabad as Satguru . This time to end up Kalyug God appeared Himself after 994 yug chowkri(3976yugs) and blessed 24 Dharam Granth to follow. Thanks.