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Water has the property of absorbing and holding vibrations. (click the link to learn more about this.)

Is bathing in the tank (sarovar) at Harimander Sahib ritualistic? That water absorbs the vibration of Gurbani all the time, every day. We pray for a sip and a dip in our ardaas.

The water at Gurdwara Bangla Sahib is from the same spring Guru Harkrishan Sahib sprung open to heal thousands. The power of his prayer is in that water.

So... who can say if the water has powers or not. We understand so little of the world in which we live. The Guru says that pilgrimages are useless without Naam within you. He does not say 'don't drink the water.'

Bottom line... enjoy the water. Enjoy the blessings. We don't put our faith in water. We put our faith in the Guru and we bathe in the Naam. But you already knew that ;-)