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Ok. Thank you for your valuable posts. Now let's take certain points under consideration.

When we speak of Vedas, do we know for a fact that whatever we're speaking is correct? Are we having that much intelligence. The unparalleled Sripad Madhavacharya, can site 3 meanings for each verse in the Vedas! If for a normal language like English can have multiple meanings for a single word, what to speak of Sanskrit and the Vedas. These are the most ancient and the most impeccable knowledge known to mankind! Now when you refer to the verse - "There is no image of Him", from Yajurved, the following is the complete verse - na tasya pratima asti yasya nama mahadyasha Hiranyagarbha ithyesha ma ma hingseethithyesha yasmanna jatha ithyesha Esho ha deva prathishonu sarva poorvo ha jatha sa u grabho antha Sa eva jatha sa janishyamaana prathyang janasthishttathi sarvathomugha