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No, a Sikh is not allowed to eat meat. It is only a rumor that spread the Guru Gobind Singh Ji used to eat meat. Guru Gobind Singh Ji used to hunt in order to keep animals from wreaking havoc in villages so people associated Guru Gobind Singh Ji for eating meat. Also, had Guru Ji allowed Sikhs to eat meat, they would have easily survived when they were in war with the Muslim army. Not eating meat made the Sikh Soldiers eat tree bark and leaves. That is why the 40 muktai .. sorry if spelled incorrectly. .. were forced to leave the army of the Khalsa in bad times.

People may argue that the Muslim didn't allow the Sikhs to get out of the red fort.. I believe... but if you think about it, Guru Ji and loyal Sikhs stayed away from meat, whether they killed it fast or slow.

There is a line in Gurbani which says something like this," Why is it that when blood spills upon your clothes you must wash it immediately, but you have no problem eating food that contains the same blood."

Basic answer is NO, Sikh people can not eat meat