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Dear Friend,

  1. It depends who you ask. Only if you and your parents are comfortable with it. Gursikhs, most especially those will following sarbloh bibek will say no, but its you choice. Also, I advise you not to eat meat, unless it is an emergency and a must as the gurus taught.

  2. If God wishes it to, but most likely not. You may get a little good karma from returning it and make sure you tell them u did steal it and not just say its a donation or something. You still will probably have more bad karma regarding this situation though. I hope you've repented many times. Continue repenting for the rest of your life, as you've stolen from Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who knows all about this already. You will not pay them back $250, I advise you give tenfold that much ($2500) or somewhere about that because this is serious.

  3. Do not take amrit yet. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but you are a foolish manmukh. Shame on you for all your sins. You are not ready for amrit just because u keep panj kakkars. Amrit is for the saintly.

  4. Only by Waheguru's will. If god decides no, then it is no. You should definitly do this act though, and show that you really do care. See, doing Japji Sahib on a bunch of stairs won't bring you liberation, only Gods will can. You can still turn ur life around, but u gotta wprk hard and most especially do many ardaases.

PS: Work hard to get up at Amritvela, and a least do Japji Sahib. PPS: Don't worry about ur next life, worry about this onn, and if u play your cards right, you will go to Sach Khand (if u become reeeaallly saintly).

Here, I took a hukamnama for you and interpreted it:

Sorat'h, Fifth Mehla, Second House, Du-Paday: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: Fire is contained in all firewood, and butter is contained in all milk. God's Light is contained in the high and the low; the Lord is in the hearts of all beings. ||1|| Deep within you is God and you have the potential to become holy and saintly but you must work really hard if you are sure you want this

O Saints, He is pervading and permeating each and every heart. The Perfect Lord is completely permeating everyone, everywhere; He is diffused in the water and the land. ||1||Pause|| You, like me, and like every life form, are part of God, and there is no you, me, or I. This can be interpreted sort of to mean to extinguish your ego. He is deep within the heart. Find him. Nanak sings the Praises of the Lord, the treasure of excellence; the True Guru has dispelled his doubt. The Lord is pervading everywhere, permeating all, and yet, He is unattached from all. ||2||1||29|| To quote Yogi Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (Yogi Bhajan): "If you can't see God in all, you can't see God at all.

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God is Good