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Japeo Jin Arjan Dev Guru Fir Sankat Jon Garab Na Aayo"....(whoever meditates on Guru Arjan Dev, shall not have to pass through painfull womb of reincarnation ever again).

This is true, though it troubled me to hear this line at first. Accept it as true, it is gurbani. To answer your question, Nanak was jiwanmukti and passed his light succesively down from himself to Guru Granth and the Khalsa Panth. Also, other than Nanak's light, Guru Arjan became a jiwanmukti by his father Guru Ram Das. Thus, he merged with god while still alive on this Earth, and that means that his soul (raindrop) became part of many others merged with god (ocean). So meditating on any of the gurus will make u liberated. Naam is God, and meditating on Guru Arjan is like meditating is like naam since he is god.