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Ok, this I learned fairly recently:

God is true and will always be, as he always has (aad sach jugaad sach hai bhee sach nags hosee bhee sach). Something that is true will always be true, which makes it eternal and perfect. The naam will always be true because they let us obtain a small small amount of info into what the reality of god is. Since it is true, and god is trye, naam = god, like how god = our souls. Thus, the naam is quite literally a form of god. Why shouldn't u chant naam?

God doesn't care if we chant naam or not, since god has no desires. Naam is the way god easily manifests to us though. It may be very much beyond our comprehension beyond this, as it is so simple, but is often times hard to grasp.

Chant naam a lot even if it may be hard at first to continually do because it is certainly rewarding.