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waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fate

My dear, i can not describe god, although i can answer your question but in a different way.

see, all the humans have different conceptions of god and they have created one more god.

this god is like their ragis or their gurus in hinduism

this god gives them different solutions of their problems only to the officers or ragis of his.

their is this god, who is known by all humans completely.

their is clearly some one who created this universe, but apparently we dont know anything about him.

but he did give us the guide to our lives which are the holy books.

you dont really have to believe in "god", just believe that there is some one who created us and apparently has his eyes on us

read guru granth sahib ji. that is the true guide to life.

there also a line it that states that

anyone who tries to describe god, shall be punished.

but clearly asking this question is not a sin.