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waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fate

hi i am sarab anand. considering the sikh history you will see that guru gobind singh ji our tenth guru was fighting for war at the time he made khalsa panth, so to take all the people on his side and for creating a difference between a sikh and muslim he created khalsa. As you also know that guru gobind singh ji created jhatka which said that we cannot eat chicken cut by a MUSLIM, it can be a hindu or christian but not a muslim, yes guru gobind singh ji did not like the way they cut a chicken but at the end you are killing the being. I being raised in a sikh family want to cut hair but i cannot, because i am forced to and i dont doubt it for me my family comes first and for them if i have to keep hair i will.

see i am not saying that you should or should not cut hair, both of them are not a sin. just do what you want to do, and stand for yourself, if you want to keep hair you should be confident about it, so fight for your rights.