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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa..Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Well,It may be hard times for u but don't blame anyone..we don't know what will happen in future..u were loyal and u were doing good on ur side..God is watching everything..It will be hard but don't be sad..i don't know u do paath or not but if u don't Start with reciting Waheguru and try to understand Gurbaani and as u showed love and loyalty to ur Phiance..Show it to The God..and try to be in Chardikala..Always positive and Hoping for the best..Maybe ur Phiance can come back and feel sorry..maybe he won't and u can find a better guy than him..but if u started reciting God's Name and Connect to the Guru u will be happy in any circumstances..U will accept The Hukam.

Everytime Something bad happens we feel God is being Unfair with us and he has given all the Sorrows to us but as u will Go out and see the world..the people..u will realize ..we are so much blessed..atleast we have a home..we have food..and many more things..i know writing or speaking is much more easier but just try to do this.

If my words hurted u..I am Sorry..i just wrote what i have learned from Guru...Bhull Chuk Maaf