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Jhatka practise is sikhi, sikhs have all become weak minded, guru gobind singh ji instituted jhatka as a rehat that must always take place, instead of slaughtering the animal in a cruel way it is killed fairly quickly with one stroke of the sword, bani is read (japji and Chandi di vaar) and on th elast lines of the bani the head of the animal is decapitataed.

the reason for jhatka is so that singhs could practise shastarvidya, it was important for the khalsa gto learn how to kill and behead there foes and it is for this reason that it was instituted. in the rehat name it says that any sikh that eat meat for its taste is comitting a sin. khalsa eat meat for its sustanace especially when they may fall ill due to vegeterianism, this meat lightly called or dubed as mahaprashaad is given to the poor and those who cant eat it amoungst the comunity.

the skin of the goat then helps make things like table and nagara, sarangi dilruba etc, and its bones used to make weapons, the rehat is that if an animal is to be eaten then all of body be used respectfully, if not its body is cremated.

another reason for jhatka is simple for the khalsa to see what death is it is very simple to be able to see it with your own eyes.

jhatka is the moral way, and has been practised for many centuries. its a science that allows the khalsa to be ever ready and has to take place by order of guru gobind singh ji at hazur sahib and the dals.

how do you think that we get the TABLA and the NAGARA etc

allot of things factor into jhatka it is very important. the belief is that the animals that have jhatka preformed on them are taken out of there life forms so its not seen as a death but a valid victory over death by the grace of the guru.

So the bibek system tell all sikhs that hey should be LACTO-VEGETERIANS and eat out of iron drinking only spring water, jhatka is the only institution that is allowed within the bibeki system if all of its laws are adhered to otherwise slaughtering if a goat for the purpose of taste satisfaction is a cror paap, just as having a bath tub full of warm water as a pointkess bath is a waste of water and recources all of which one will have to pay for in the end.

Remain vegeterian but dont point your nose up at meat or at jhatka its t here for a reason and we must open our minds to understand this practise.