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your theory can be dismantled in 2 secounds

dhan dhan kalgidhar patshai compiled adhi sri guru granth sahib ji all sikhs know this. he did so at damdama sahib, where he sent for baba deep singh ji and bhai mani singh to send more versions across india so each gurdwara could be with one, all with guru gobind singh jis seal of aprovle somthing that couldnt be forged by anyone.

in gurbani it says (bani hai guru guru hai bani) - the bani is the guru the guru is the bani so much so that no one can edit it.

what you suggest JAMES" is that guru gobind singh ji, decieved all the sikhs and instead of ascending into heaven at hazur sahib he lived till the age of 146 only to quielty pass on the gurgadhi to another man.

what foolishness!

at that time the sikh kingdom had began to be istablished the khalsa dalpanth had guru granth shaib ji with then ang sang everywhere.

it is to be known that guru granth shaib ji is guru and the guru khalsa panth