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Trust me, if you take your rabbit to the gurdwara people are going to tell you off for doing that and say that you cannot do that.

I have a pet dog and sometimes when I used to go to the gurdwara, I used to take my dog to the gurdwara and I would just leave him in the car and go to the gurdwara inside for a little time and these people at the gurdwara started harrassing me about it. They said you can't bring your dog here and bla blah blah.

I stopped going to that gurdwara, because these people were so rude to me and they even told me to sit outside the gurdwara if I wanted to have langar!

Alot of people go to the gurdwara and do non sikh things, which in turn makes me want to stop attending the gurdwara and doing sangat with such people.

I would just recommend that if you want to take your rabbit to the gurdwara, you can decide what you want to do but its better if you just pray at home with your rabbit around so that your rabbit can hear prayers from you. It is very likely that you are gonna get told off by these people at the gurdwara that you can't bring animals here and bla be prepared for it and if it happens, it will suck but that's what punjabis are like.