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I am a sikh myself and when I came across a jhatka video on facebook I was in utter shock and shaken up completely. Honestly, I want to do something to stop this jhatka practice. This is not sikhi. This is just brutal murder of a poor helpless innocent animal that can't protect itself.

Guru Gobind Singh ji blessed us with swords so that it can be raised to defend and protect those who cannot protect themselves. HOW in any crazy way is it right for these moron so called sikhs to kill poor creatures with their sword? ?? !!! The sword that is supposed to be raised to protect?? How is this right even? !!! I don't think this is right and it really needs to be stopped, but why isn't anyone attempting to stop such a cruel immoral practice??

If sword is considered God in sikhi, then why would God want to take the life of a poor helpless animal like this??! God wouldn't! It's these so called sikhs that don't even have any mercy in them that are doing these horrible acts in the name of sikhi.

I am disgusted to find out about this jhatka practice and honestly my heart is broken and my soul and mind are feeling tormented on seeing such things in the sikh faith. I feel horrified and really wish I can do something to bring this jhatka practice to an end.