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In a practical way, sometimes writing it down can help. Write down how angry you are and who you're angry at and why and when you've calmed down go back and read it. You find that what you were angry at, sometimes is nothing and you'll be able to shoot down your own ego. In some instances you'll find yourself laughing at it or maybe you'll notice a pattern and be able to remove the stem of your anger. Obviously all of this isn't possible without God, do an Ardas to ask GuruJi to help you realise your anger and with Guru's help eradicate it. Keep apologising to the people around you and just ask them to have patience and explain to them how you feel, with God's Grace they'll understand.

Forgive me for any mistakes, it's just something I've learned to deal with my ego and I apologise if it sounds like something that isn't for you, we're all human and not perfect so give yourself time and when you're ready GuruJi will take it away