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What I was speaking about is that God is not an entity up in the sky who listens to prayers like Santa Claus receiving christmas wish lists, and then deciding who is god and who is bad. As you say, prayer comes from the heart it is the projection of your own radiance with the understanding that the Infinite is within you, not outside you.

Here's a quote from Siri Singh Sahib Yogiji:

"You mostly come to the Gurdwara so that Guru will give you peace of mind, or you will make a lot of money. Or you will have better cars, better women, all those things. That is the purpose of prayer for man. Man has totally not understood the purpose of prayer. The actual purpose of prayer is to tie to the Infinite power. Once you get to the Infinite power, you don't need all these hanky-pankies. These things then look very small. People look very small. "Ay janta ke vas kush nain". These people have nothing. You can only say this when you know that the Highest One, the Biggest One, the Total One is with you and within you. Otherwise, you are not you to begin with, because you are off-base, you are off-purpose. Your purpose is to merge with the One."

So, to sum up, prayer is not a petition; it is a projection.